Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Standing Where I Am

A blank screen stares back at me. Nothing wants to reveal itself tonight. So I stand where I am in this moment and write nothing. What is nothing anyway? Is there clarity in nothing? Revelation? Curiosity? Fatigue? Insight?...or is it exactly what it seems... Nothing?

If we had nothing to think about, nothing to dream about, nothing to worry about and nothing to look forward to...would that be nothingness or is it something else. In my case I have plenty of hopes, dreams, aspirations. In fact, my life is full of exciting potenial. At age 53 I find more TRUE wonder in the world than I can ever remember. Sometimes that wonder sneaks up on me and grabs my heart in excitement catapulting me into wonder and gratitude for life.
Now, I know that is NOT Nothing.

1 comment:

  1. Perhaps, in the midst of nothingness, one can be totally present and in the moment. Not leaning forward, not looking backward. Not listening to the chatter in one's head. Not applying meaning to what one sees. I wonder what that would be like???