Friday, July 24, 2009

Angels and Kitchens

An Angel dropped into my kitchen today. While this is a common occurance for me (these days), it still takes my breath away in amazemnt. This paticular angel is a small & young package...oh about 5'4" and in her early twenties... her name is Christa. Christa knows how to use a chop-saw, jig saw and nail gun. She understands the concepts of building construction and when she offers to help she is ready to work her buns off!

When you are fully present, "in the moment" with Christa you can see her wings. REALLY, I swear! They curl lovingly around her body when she is in a contemplative moment and flap gracefully through the air when she is excited or happy. Christa's wings are not made of feathers, though they are irradescent and feathery in form. Actually, she would love for her wings to be feathers...I know this because she gathers & collects feathers of every sort. She would never pass a feather up seen lying on the ground or wafting through the air...she loves everything made of feathers...Actually she loves EVERYTHING. She is the incarnation of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. That is why I know (even though she is young in body) she is a very old soul, an angel incarnate...but I diverse.

Angel Christa dropped into my kitchen today. We quietly worked in haromonious, sacred construction. At the end of this day I came to believe that the construction of my kitchen will truly be completed with ease, comraderie and joyous miracles... just as Three Angels prophecied just three days ago...but that is another story...


  1. Oh my Goddess... You are truly blessed. The angel Christa has blessed you and all of us.
    God/Goddess Speed.
    love you so much,

  2. How wonderful, April! We have to meet this young woman some day :)