Friday, July 10, 2009

I Am Reiki

As my friend Joyce Leonard often says,
"We do not do Reiki, we are Reiki."

I am Reiki. Ahhh. Now that feels right and good. The Japanese word Reiki translates most directly to Rei = Sacred Ki=Energy. I have been in touch with this energy before I new that a modality of Reiki existed.

In another life (only 5 years and more ago) I would run the hills of Pena Adobe -a large park (acres of land) in Vacaville, Ca. This was a sacred time for me. I would run and with the rhythmic beat of my feet upon earth I would enter a meditative state. If only I had written down some of the profound insights and visions I had during these passages. But I diverse.

Invaribly when I reached the hightest peak of Pena Adobe and looked out over the landscape of my town and beyond, I was humbled with the privilege of living. With this deep gratitude, I felt the connection of a loving, healing energy that literally filled me up and then radiated through my very skin. I would be so grateful for this connection that I would ask that this beautiful light would extend out to my family & friends and on to my town - Vacaville, on to my state - California, on to my country - the US, on to my world, on to my Universe and on and on and on never stopping. It was endless. It did not run out. It did not deplete me to extend this extraordinary sacred energy, essence, LOVE, whatever we choose to call it out to eternity. In fact, it made me Vital, Whole, Happy & Peaceful. I did not have a worry in the world during those times. All was perfect. This is Reiki.

In my most perfect moments, I am Reiki.

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  1. April, I get the same experience with Reiki (only I had to be taught). It does not run can neither be created or destroyed. Since it cannot be created, it is always with us...with everyone, with everything.

    And Reiki is just the name you and I attribute to's the same energy felt in Yoga, Tai Chi, Chi Gong (sp?), Akido, and all the other systems out there.

    May I suggest that you are ALWAYS Reiki...even in your less-than-perfect moments. You're just not conscious of it all the time.

    Love you!