Sunday, July 26, 2009

Resting Close to my Kitchen

Well today has been a day of rest...sort of. It did start with a trip to Home Depot where I purchased sheetrock, drywall mud and other assorted construction materials... then I hauled it all up the hill to our home. I am alone today which means I hauled it up alone. When I was done, I was well...just DONE! So I fixed myself a Marie Calender's Chicken Pot Pie (how is that for healthy eating!) and sat down with John Grisham's The Client (which I have been reading for at least a month now) and rested everything...body, mind and spirit. Sacredness comes along in strange packages at times and I know without a doubt that this day is just as Sacred as yesterday and the day before...

Oh, I found myself wandering into my Sacred Kitchen, here and there, and thanking it for its progress toward completion and all that it teaches me in the process.

Tomorrow I return to my other life with San Jose Fire...and the sacredness continues...


  1. Dear Friend April... every moment is a Holy Moment, every moment is a Sacred Moment, and you have captured the essence. I love that you're having some "down time" reading what I call "fluff" and eating what comes easy. You lead such a purposeful life. Thank you for being a model of Holy Moments.
    Wish I could have helped you carry your loads up the hill.
    Much love and blessings, Chris
    PS Tuesday we'll have some special items for your walls!

  2. I am so happy, April, that you gave in to what your mind, body, and spirit were asking on all fronts! Your Sacred Kitchen is already happening, and it will be completed one sacred moment at a time :)

    I love you April-sensei