Friday, July 17, 2009

Relationship With Self

Today is a day of quiet and reflection... TRUE time with myself...a time without distractions, without busy-ness.

Ahhh, how I unconsciously DO everything in the world to prevent this time for SELF. Don't get me wrong, the things I DO are important. They get things done. They accomplish. They provide proof that my existence here in our world can and does make a physical difference. I am very, very productive.

But...I have notice that quite often the DOING takes me further and further away from my own Hearts Soul's Calling. Why? Why shouldn't the DOING bring me closer to my Heart and Soul?

An understanding is dawning upon me. How can the DOING be in alignment with my Heart and Soul if I am not listening to my SELF. Time with myself is so very, very important. It is the place of knowing, understanding and clarity. It is the place of groundedness, direction and alignment. I commit myself to creating the time for developing this self relationship through reflection, quiet and connection to my very natural, sacred energy...some call this Reiki.

Today is a day of reflection. A day spent with SELF


  1. April.... I see you committing to yourself, creating the time for developing your glowing inner self, deepening your relationship with your true beauty through glorious reflection, quieting and connecting to your very natural, sacred energy.

    Your energy is sacred energy. Some call it Reiki, some call it Shamanic, some call it Divine Intelligence, your friends call it APRIL.

    Thank you for blessing us.

  2. Chris, I love that! Yes, we call it April!!!!!

    I have changed my attitude and approach...I no longer call myself BUSY. Instead, I am active.

    When I am busy, I lose myself, I get stressed, I push. When I am active, I can still connect and reflect, I am in flow, I am serving both myself and the world, my sacred energy emerges clean and pure.

    Sorry I won't see you tomorrow to bask in April Energy...I'll have to wait until Tuesday, darn it :)