Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Fatique and Guilt :-(

I have come to acknowledge that guilt has a place in my life...it tells me when I need to cut myself some slack...and it tells me that I have not lived into a commitment to myself.

I have made a commitment to myself (witnessed by three of my dearest friends) that I will post on my blog everyday for 30 days straight. Well I have missed two days in a row, dang it!

But here I am (and believe me my eyes and body ache with exhaustion right now) back in the saddle. I got bucked off the horse of my commitment by fatigue & resistance. So tonight I dust of the fatigue, place my hands on the hips of attitude and jump on with words that roll out of their own accord. In the end, I may read this tomorrow and find the mindless ramblings of a delirious soul just going through the motions of a promise...or just maybe, I may learn from my own writings. We can always hope.


  1. Welcome back partner!

    I think I learned something tonight too.

    I'm glad we're in this life together.

    Much love and blessings,

  2. Your first sentence is profound April! "Guilt tells me that I have not lived up to a commitment to myself."

    I will remember this when I next feel that guilt rear it's head inside of me.

    My heart went pitter-patter when I realized I was included as one of your "three dearest friends". I quickly did the math and discovered I was one of them :)

    See you tomorrow on the blogspot!

    I love you!