Wednesday, June 17, 2009

My Days Are Rarely As I Think They Should Be

I came across this e-mail I sent to my dear friends a few weeks back.
It is a reminder to me that every single day is an opportunity to step into the sacred, which for me is a source of walking in joy & laughter.

Today I thought I was going to begin work underneath our house (Pook's Hill) in order to clean out and organize the unseen cluttered part of our home - thus honoring my willingness to work on my inner self - my unconsciousness self. Soooo..... I put on my work clothes walked down the exterior stairs of our home and entered that portion of our house that is underneath our living space. It is tall enough to stand in and somewhat protected from the weather. As a result it has all the stuff that we (Steve and I) do not know what to do with, stored there waiting for recognition and then release or use. I was absolutely overwhelmed. I sat down and looked closely at my do-able options. During this moment, I also honored my willingness to take physical steps to clear the outside manifestation of my own inner workings... I took a deep breath and asked for truth.

Then I saw... sitting amongst all of that clutter were materials just waiting to be used in the completion of our kitchen. I suddenly realized, with absolute clarity, that in this situation the best way to begin the clearing out of our hidden clutter was to begin finishing the projects that were very visible to us. By so doing much of the hidden clutter would be put to very wonderful use and it would be cleared out from underneath our house thus clearing space from that which could not be so obviously seen. A twofold healing of clutter. So now I am back to doing what I REEEAAALLY wanted to do - finish my kitchen. Yet in my willingness to deal with the not so obvious I was brought back to what my heart was yearning for, but with a difference - I am now setting to work on my kithcen remodel as a sacred action of devotion to myself, my purpose and who I am in the world. YES! Isn't life amazing.

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